Home of Sydney stabbing spree suspect raided

Home of Sydney stabbing spree suspect raided


August 14, 2019 09:17:38

NSW Police are today expected to charge a man accused of launching a stabbing rampage in Sydney’s CBD, which left one woman dead and another injured, with murder.

Key Points:

  • Police have spent the night gathering evidence at the accused stabber’s house in Marayong, western Sydney
  • A neighbour has described him as a “quiet, unsociable computer nerd”
  • Mr Ney is now under police guard at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital after undergoing surgery

Officers spent hours raiding Mert Ney’s home in Marayong in western Sydney this morning, and detectives were seen collecting a number of bags of evidence from the Percy Street house.

Neighbours told the ABC that Mr Ney, 20, shared the house with his mother and sister.

One neighbour, Jeff, who did not provide his last name, said it was a “bit scary” when he was watching the news and realised the accused was his neighbour.

“I recognised his face straight away … it’s evil, what do you say,” he said.

“We thought he was a very quiet computer nerd, quite frankly. We had very little to do with him.”

Strike Force Lalchere was established this morning to investigate the circumstances of the attack and their inquiries will be supported by the Terrorism Investigation Squad.

Mr Ney was apprehended by a group of bystanders and firefighters yesterday afternoon after he was seen walking along York Street with a large butcher’s knife.

A 41-year-old woman he alleged stabbed in the shoulder was found by police inside a hotel.

She remains in a stable condition in Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.

After Mr Ney’s dramatic arrest on Wynyard Street, police found the body of a 24-year-old woman in a nearby apartment block on Clarence Street.

A source close to the investigation has told the ABC the woman was a sex worker.

Police said initial inquiries indicated the man had gone to the unit for an appointment about 1.30pm and was captured on CCTV leaving the building about 1.50pm.

Mr Ney is now under police guard at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and has undergone surgery for a laceration to his knee.

Police said it was “unclear” when he would be deemed medically fit to speak to investigators.

Mr Ney has a history of mental health problems, drug abuse and homelessness, according to police.

A neighbour told the ABC his mother had been left heartbroken by yesterday’s events.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said a USB stick linked to the alleged offender suggested he had “some ideologies” in relation to terrorism but that the incident was not being classed as a terrorist act.

“[It was] information [on] mass deaths and mass casualties around the world, namely from North America and New Zealand,” he said.

“He was known to police but his history was unremarkable.”

The USB stick and a mobile phone were being forensically analysed, police said.



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