Whaley Bridge: Sixth day of evacuation

Whaley Bridge: Sixth day of evacuation

The drone of the pumps has continued throughout the night and will continue throughout today, but they are doing their job – they’ve managed to lower the level of the reservoir considerably.

They needed to get it to eight meters below what it had been, and by last night it was well below six meters, and they’re hoping to reach their target today.


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Once they get down to the required level, engineers can examine the dam, see the extent of the damage and make a decision about when it will be safe for people to go back to their homes.

That’s what the 1,500 people from Whaley Bridge want to know – they’ve been out of their homes since Thursday.

Last week we saw the Chinook helicopter hovering over the dam dropping ballast to try to plug the hole in the dam wall. The Chinook is going to be back today dropping sandbags.

The repair appears to be holding but they’ve got to do some more work on it.

The crucial question is when will the dam be in a position where the engineers feel it’s safe for people to go back into Whaley Bridge?

Certainly, the danger we saw last week had receded greatly but they’re not out of the woods just yet.


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